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Battle for Ozzfest

Alright. The Battle for Ozzfest season is almost over. There's only two bands remaining, Cynder and A Dozen Furies. I would suggest you listen to both bands (at for Cynder and and find out who you like better and vote for them at

However, these two bands are competing for OZZFEST. We're talking about the biggest metal tour in America. Cynder has been around for 6 years, and while they maybe somewhat "nu-metal", they've been playing that style for so long, so they're not just playing what's "trendy." A Dozen Furies, on the other hand, has been together for 9 months, and they play punk/hardcore. On top of that, the member who is representing A Dozen Furies on Battle for Ozzfest was already in a (nu-metal-ish) band called Unloco, who played Ozzfest 2003. So, obviously, Cynder is much more deserving of winning the chance to play Ozzfest 2005. In my opinion, I'd vote Cynder because their style is much closer to real metal, and they've been together for so long, instead of A Dozen Furies who's been together for less than a year, plays punk-hardcore-ish stuff, and Marc's previous band, Unloco, already played Ozzfest.

So please, vote for who you like best, but in my opinion, vote for Cynder who's been playing the longest and deserves it most.
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